Celebrating Independence at Noah's House

Learn more about the services offered through Celebrating Independence at Noah's House.

May 9, 2023
Interior room at Noah's House featuring bed, desk with chair, nightstand, and vanity

Celebrating Independence at Noah's House

Learn more about the services offered through Celebrating Independence at Noah's House.

May 9, 2023

Wrap-around service delivery is a team-based, collaborative case management approach. A case management approach represents a point-of-delivery, rather than a system-level, approach to coordination. The concept of Wrap-around programming is used to describe any program that is flexible, person-oriented and comprehensive – that is, several organizations work together to provide a holistic program of supports.

Wrap-around is a strengths-based intervention. This means that it seeks to identify and capitalize on an individual's assets. A deficit approach, on the other hand, identifies an individual's problems and seeks to fix these. An individualized wrap-around plan is supposed to reflect the needs of the individual, rather than availability of services. A wrap-around approach is designed for individuals with multiple or complex needs. In the case of individuals with disabilities living in the community, a wrap-around approach works best to help each individual access the services and supports that benefit them.

A monthly fee of $425 includes these benefits:

  • 5% discount on Celebration Company tuition OR 3 sessions a year with an Alexander Jewish Family Service Career and Employment Center staff (can include but not limited to assistance with resume writing, interviewing skills, LinkedIn profiles)
  • 3 sessions a year with Alexander JFS Disability Case Manager (can include but not limited to assistance with accessing benefits, completing government paperwork, resources and referrals, transition checklist and planning)
  • 8 days (annually) of Vacation Coverage for parents/caregivers

              o In-town Emergency contact for the time you are away

              o Daily phone calls to check-in

              o 1-2 in-person check ins (as needed)

  • Help navigating community resources
  • Weekly check-ins (face to face/phone/Zoom) to help with social emotional health and rapport building
  • Community Advocate Connector Services- promotes civic engagement to help them feel connected and fully engaged in their community

               o Identify areas of interest that are offered in the community (swimming, going to the movies, volunteering, etc.)

              o Help to identify how a Resident can be involved in these community activities and work on making connections that include:

                         ▪️ Transportation

                         ▪️ Reduced fees (if any)

                         ▪️ Identify a volunteer who wants to be a companion at these activities

  • Monthly Life Skills Training Sessions (focus in on hygiene, housekeeping, nutrition, advocacy, and social skills)
  • Basic technology training and support (set up of new devices, basic training, written instructions)
  • 3 months free (prorated) for Nite Owls social club
  • 4 Jewish Holiday celebrations (Rosh Hashana, Sukkot, Passover, Chanukah)

              o Jewish holiday celebrations are open to ALL participants regardless of religion and are seen as much as a social engagement as a cultural one

              o Some of these celebrations will happen within the community (Synagogue Pizza in the Hut, attending Chanukah Parade, and similar (transportation provided by Alexander JFS)

               o Passover Seder and Chanukah Latkes and Light will be a joint celebration with all Noah’s House residents

  • 4-6 times a year community participation in Shabbat services*

              o Transportation provided by community members

  • Community participation in ERJCC Book Fair, ReelAbilities, and Yom Limmud

               o Transportation provided by Alexander JFS

*Alexander JFS Staff are not available on observed Jewish holidays

A La Carte Benefits (additional fees):
  • Support around money management- $25/hr
  • Care Coordination (Home Health Care, Cleaning Services, etc.)- $25/hr
  • Managing Ride Services- $25/hr
  • Additional Case Management services- $50/45 minute session
  • Additional Vacation Coverage - $50/day
  • Healthcare Advocate- $25/hr
  • Additional Technology training/support- $25/hr
  • Additional community outings- Fees will vary based on outing

              o Additional fees can include cost of tickets, transportation, and food

              o We will work to get discounted/group rate entrance fees

  • Medical Transportation (outside the scope of Noah’s House)

              o Reservations can be made at least 24 hours before an appointment (or up to 6 months in advance).

              o Transporting only ($10/each way)

              o Transportation and staying during appointments ($50/ up to 2 hours)

              o $25 for each additional hour

Learn more about the program and begin the application process here.

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