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Alexander JFS is happy to announce the launch of a Client Portal. The Client Portal is a safe and secure method to request appointments, communicate with Alexander JFS staff, and view important information such as payments and insurance information. No more wondering when your next appointment is scheduled or missing calls from staff members. Ask your Alexander JFS staff member about registering for client portal today!

We Help You Manage:
  • Secure and Confidential Information 
  • Send Secure Messaging 
  • Request Appointments 
  • View and Update Personal demographic information
  • Receive bulletins from Alexander JFS 

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"We want our children – and all children – to grow up in a community that embraces each child for who they are and helps them feel a sense of belonging in our community. We are proud that Alexander JFS is committed to create spaces in which all feel seen, valued and included."
Kevin & Sasha Alexander
Pictured: Kevin & Sasha Alexander

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When temperatures soar, beating the heat can be a real challenge. Find cooling centers, tips to avoid heat illnesses and learn the signs of extreme heat effects.
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