Career Guidance for Individuals Facing Barriers to Employment

MainStreet Opportunities

Alexander Jewish Family Service provides support and opportunities for individuals facing barriers to employment through its MainStreet Opportunities program. Our Texas Workforce Commission-certified Career Coaches focus on guiding individuals with disabilities to achieve their career goals, enjoy a productive career, and work towards self-sufficiency. Personalized job coaching and counseling are crucial for individuals facing barriers to employment. This support can include guidance on career development, overcoming obstacles, and building the necessary skills for successful employment.

We provide: 

  • Collaborating with employers to create an inclusive and supportive work environment through educating employers, facilitating accommodations, and fostering a positive work environment.
  • Productivity Coaching is important for their personal and professional growth. This may involve skill development, time management, and strategies for overcoming challenges in the workplace.
  • Individualized Guidance that helps each client define vocational goals and create tailored job search plans is key to their success. Recognizing the unique strengths and challenges of everyone allows for a more effective and targeted approach.
  • Empowerment Tools that allow clients to take the lead in their job search are crucial. This could involve training on resume building, interview skills, and leveraging personal strengths in the job market.

The emphasis on collaboration, individualization, and empowerment within MainStreet Opportunities will contribute significantly to the program participants' success. Explore our services below and reach out to receive help.

Programs & Services

Job Search Support

We provide pre-vocational assistance in determining your best career path based on your interests, skills, and abilities. Services include:

  • Learning how to write a resume
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Understanding your disability and how to advocate for yourself

On-the-Job Training

The first day of employment is difficult for everyone. With supported employment, a certified Alexander JFS Career Coach can accompany you on your first day. You will receive individualized assistance that will continue until you feel secure in your job.


Learn how to advocate for necessary and legally-required accommodations. Improve your confidence in disclosing your disability so you can create a barrier-free employment environment.

SSI/SSDI Benefit Application Services

The application process for SSI/SSDI is complicated and can difficult to navigate. The Career and Employment Center can assist you in organizing and completing the documentation for an SSI/SSDI application.

Common Questions about MainStreet Opportunities

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"I took my parents to dinner and I paid with my own money."
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Get Started

Please complete the Career and Employment Center Intake form to begin receiving services from Alexander JFS Your information is kept confidential. The Career and Employment Center provides client information only to authorized public funding agencies or, with your knowledge, to a potential employer as part of a referral to a job possibility.

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