Substance Misuse

Help without judgement.

Alexander Jewish Family Service is keenly aware that addiction and substance misuse exist in our community. We strives to offer support and resources for individuals and their families impacted by substance misuse. as we provide education for prevention. We are highly sensitive to the stigma and judgment surrounding care-seeking by users as well as by family and friends. and We are here to support your emotional and treatment needs through confidential consultation, counseling, coaching and referrals, as well as education for prevention.

Do not suffer in silence or watch your friends or loved ones struggle with substance misuse in silence. We are here to support you emotionally and to help educate our community about the reality of substance misuse and addiction.


The first step is reaching out for help. Contact us today to set something up: (713) 986-7825 or

We Support You:
  • In reducing the stigma around substance misuse
  • In emotional and treatment needs
  • With confidential consultation, counseling, coaching and referrals
  • With mental health education
  • With a variety of other services for behavioral and mental health issues

We Provide Help


Meetings: Wednesdays at 6:45 PM

A mutual support program for people whose lives have been affected by someone else's substance abuse. JFS offices are closed so confidentiality is upheld.

*Currently, due to COVID, AlAnon meetings are held virtually.

Sources of Strength

Prevention Program

Sources of Strength is a program for middle or high-school students to build emotional resilience.


Our licensed mental health professionals create a supportive environment  for youth, adults, couples and families to improve their well-being with a full range of counseling options.

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