Jewish Organizations working on LGBTQ+ Inclusion

The organizations below support the LGBTQ+ community and allies in building communities where LGBTQ+ Jews are supported and able to participate in the full spectrum of Jewish life.

March 26, 2024
Person holding up a LGBTQ+ Flag

Jewish Organizations working on LGBTQ+ Inclusion

The organizations below support the LGBTQ+ community and allies in building communities where LGBTQ+ Jews are supported and able to participate in the full spectrum of Jewish life.

March 26, 2024

LGBTQ+ Organizations

A Wider Bridge

An organization devoted to building LGBTQ+ connections with Israel that offers resources and upcoming programs and trips to Israel. NCJW has funded A Wider Bridge through its Israel Granting Program.


Eshel’s mission is to create community and acceptance for LGBTQ Jews and their families in Orthodox communities. Founded in June of 2010, Eshel trains its members to speak out and act as advocates for LGBT Orthodox people and their families, creates bridges into Orthodox communities to foster understanding and support, and through community gatherings helps LGBT Orthodox people pursue meaningful lives that encompass seemingly disparate identities while also fulfilling Jewish values around family, education, culture, and spirituality.

JQY (Jewish Queer Youth)

A social network and support group for Orthodox and formerly Orthodox LGBT youth. Their site has several personal stories, videos, and an extensive list of resources for young people, their parents, families, and allies.


A national grassroots organization that works for the full equality and inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Jews in Jewish life. Led and supported by LGBT Jews and straight allies, Keshet strives to cultivate the spirit and practice of inclusion in all parts of the Jewish community.


Serving the needs of the Orthodox/Traditional LGBT Community.


Ritual bank for various points of Jewish life with many LGBTQ rituals.  

The World Congress of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Jews: Keshet Ga’avah

Ga’avah Keshet Ga’Avah consists of more than 25 member organizations worldwide that work to ensure that LGBT Jews can live free and fulfilling lives. Formed in 1975, Keshet Ga’avah has held conferences all over the world to meet the needs of its members locally, nationally, and internationally.


The Southern Jewish Resource Network for Gender & Sexual Diversity (SOJOURN) is the American South's resource for Jewish & LGBTQ+ programming, education, support, and advocacy. Their mission is to advance LGBTQ+ affirmation and empowerment across the South.


SVARA is an academy of Jewish text study dedicated to the study of the Talmud. It is open to all those who wish to participate including individuals from other religious backgrounds. It explicitly recognizes the insight and contribution that LGBT Jews and their allies can offer to the evolving Jewish tradition.


An online resource center that contains sermons, poetry, articles, and educational material to help people of all genders fully access and transform Jewish tradition, and to assist Jewish communities to be welcoming sanctuaries for people of all genders.

Tirtzah: A Community of Frum QueerWomen

A community of queer women who gather to celebrate and study their Yiddishkeit. They are committed to the value of shleimut (wholeness) and to supporting one another in observing a meaningful, integrated, honest and joyful Jewish life.

Union of Reform Judaism

Reform Judaism has a long and proud history of working for the full inclusion of LGBT people in Jewish life and for their full civil rights. As early as 1965, the Women of Reform Judaism called for the decriminalization of homosexuality. Resolutions by the Union for Reform Judaism and the Central Conference of American Rabbis followed. The social justice arm of the Reform Movement, the Religious Action Center, (RAC) has been at the forefront of the fight for LGBT equality. Today, in addition to several congregations whose primary outreach is to the LGBT community, LGBT Jews and their families are welcome in all of the Reform temples. LGBT Jews may be ordained as rabbis and cantors, and they serve throughout the Reform movement. Most Reform rabbis and cantors gladly officiate at same-sex ceremonies.

LGBTQ+ Guides, Toolkits & Reports

Audacious Hospitality Toolkit, Union for Reform Judaism

A guide to welcoming all in your congregation, community, and beyond

Community Belonging Guide of Synagogue Religious Schools or Community Schools (Non Day School), Keshet

Suggestions for how to make your school a more inclusive, welcoming, and safe environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals and families.

Kol Echad: A Guide for Jewish Institutions Interested In Becoming More Inclusive of LGBTQ Families, Keshet, Suzanne Feinspan

A resource for Jewish institutions that are interested in becoming more welcoming and inclusive of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer Jews and their families.

Seven Jewish Values: Guidelines for inclusive Jewish Community, Keshet

A classroom poster that shows how traditional Jewish values serve as guidelines for creating an inclusive community.

Kol Sasson: A Guide to Halachic Same-Sex Weddings

An exploration of couples and rabbis that have created a plethora of approaches, adapting and inventing practices that reflect Jewish history through the lens of modern values and understanding.

Foundation for Jewish Camp LGBTQ+ Inclusivity Toolkit

A toolkit created to make camps more inclusive and welcoming to LGBTQ+ campers and staff.

Resources for Gender Inclusive Prayers, Rituals and Lifecycle Events

Nonbinary Hebrew Project

Building a bigger tent for nonbinary Jews through a third-gender grammar systematics for Hebrew, guided by Torah and Talmud that teach us to rejoice that which cannot be neatly categorized. Provides gender-inclusive language for Jewish prayers, rituals and lifecycle events.

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