Community Connections

Whether in a time of celebration or need, our Jewish Chaplaincy Program creates and strengthens our community.

The Velva G. and H. Fred Levine Jewish Chaplaincy Program offers a variety of resources and information to assist the local Jewish and Greater Houston Community. From finding kosher food to temporary housing, we are here to help.

Email us at and we'll quickly fulfill your request.

Our Resources:
  • Local synagogues
  • Jewish organizations
  • Kosher food and restaurants
  • Temporary housing resources

Local Synagogues

When you are searching for a community to pray and worship with, Houston-area synagogues provide a number of options for many Jewish denominations. From Galveston to Cypress, you can find a new spiritual home near you.

Houston Jewish Organizations

The vibrant Jewish community of Houston provides a variety of services and activities for all ages.  

Kosher Restaurants

Explore the numerous, delicious kosher restaurants in Houston. Learn more about locations, hours and menus.

Temporary Housing

When patients and their families must travel away from home for medical treatment, temporary housing may be necessary. We help connect patients and families who come to the Texas Medical Center with a number of temporary housing options.

Resources & News

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Get in Touch

We are here to help. Please reach out to us directly for questions, registration or to begin using Alexander JFS services.  

We need you to bring light, hope and help.

Volunteers who generously give their time, energy and experience are a vital part of how we are able to help our community. Whatever your skills or talent, Alexander JFS has a place for you.
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We provide light, hope and help.

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