Employer Partners

Let us help you strengthen your workforce with new talent and upskilling.

When you partner with the Alexander JFS Career and Employment Center, we empower you to hire qualified applicants, diversify your workforce, think outside the hiring box and promote inclusion. From clerical and administrative roles to professional positions, we provide access to a talent pool of skilled and diverse candidates ready to contribute to your organization’s success.

We offer a variety of trainings to enhance retention, drive productivity and elevate your workforce's skill set.  Our comprehensive employment services span from recruitment strategies to on-the-job training, coaching, and mentoring, providing comprehensive improvement throughout the process.

We Provide: 
  • Collaboration between employers and applicants
  • Productivity, retention and motivational coaching  
  • Technical upskill trainings
  • Empowerment tools and strategies
  • Disability Inclusion training

Employee Trainings

Customized Training

Enhance retention, drive productivity and elevate your workforce's skill set.

The Career and Employment Center works with corporate partners and their employees to provide customizable trainings to enhance and strengthen their workforce.

Computer Technology Training

Upskill your workforce by providing essential computer trainings.
  • Microsoft 360: advance skills in Excel; take PowerPoint to the next level and operate Word like a pro.
  • LinkedIn & Professional Social Media: Don’t get left behind in the new world of online networking, connections, recruiting and job searching.

Communications & Interpersonal Skills Training

Essential skills for corporate success.  

Let us provide your workforce with professional trainings to enhance job performance, career development, career growth and productivity.

  • Presentations are essential for a successful corporate career. Learn how to speak, engage, inform, educate, sell and command a room.
  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills are vital in today’s workforce. Professionals learn how to convey their ideas and feelings effectively when working with a diverse workforce.

Inclusion Training

Empower your team with the knowledge and tools needed to create a truly inclusive workplace.

Disability inclusion is an essential component of any business. We have developed multiple tools to ensure equal opportunities for all individuals, including those with disabilities.

  • Learn how to create a hiring policy that focuses on disability inclusion efforts to propel your company in a competitive hiring market.
  • Gaining A Competitive Advantage through Disability Inclusion, our interactive program, provides employee education to increase engagement and disclosure.

Build a workforce that values diversity and leverages the unique strengths of every individual.

Common Questions about Employer Partnerships

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Partner with Us
Partnering with Alexander JFS is good for business. The Career and Employment Center develops relationships with employers, non-profits and employment organizations to support our clients and create mutually beneficial relationships to provide employment opportunities.

Our Mission

To transform lives by empowering individuals, families and communities — driven by compassion, leading through innovation, guided by Jewish values.

Alexander JFS serves people of all faiths and backgrounds. Our professionals provide Behavioral & Mental Health Services, Coaching & Case Management Services, Disability Services, Career & Employment Services and Chaplaincy Services. We invite you to reach out to begin the next stage of your journey. Greater strength and stability are within reach.

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