COVID-19 Relief

In these complicated times, a Alexander Jewish Family Service professional is available for you and your family.

We are providing the Jewish and Greater Houston Community with a variety of services to help you deal with the impacts of COVID-19.  See our options for immediate assistance below and feel free to request the service that's right for you. We'll respond as quickly as possible to get you the help you need.

Steps to take:
  • Request service through our phone or email system
  • Connect with a case manager
  • Gather your documents
  • Apply for state and federal benefits

Immediate Assistance

Financial Services

Finding Stability

We provide clients with tools, resources and support, empowering them to reach personalized goals to improve their financial well-being and obtain self-sufficiency.

Internet Support Sessions

Free to everyone

Take advantage of FREE internet support sessions via our HIPAA-compliant Zoom conference calls Monday through Friday. These one-hour support sessions are designed to provide a safe and supportive virtual environment for participants to connect, learn, comfort, support and socialize to promote our psychological health during this stressful time. All sessions are being facilitated by a rotation of licensed clinicians or master's-level clinical intern students under supervision.

Behavioral & Mental Health Services

One-on-one counseling

The pandemic has lead many to feel an increased sense of anxiety and depression. If you're struggling, Alexander JFS provides helpful sessions via phone and video conferencing.

Center for Disease Control Guidelines

Staying Safe

Discover what you need to know about COVID-19 to keep you, your family and your community safe.

Helping Kids Cope

Resources to assist

These are complicated times for children. Here are some tips on how to help yours cope.

Common Questions about Program Name

Does JFS Houston only serve the Jewish community?

Resources & News

A central location for you to be empowered with knowledge.

We Are Here to Help

Complete the contact form to begin working with Case Management. Once we receive your submission, we will call you and schedule a phone appointment with you within 2 business days.

Contact Us Directly

For additional information, please contact or call (713) 667-9336.

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