Disaster Services

Local assistance after a devastating disaster

We understand the long-term impact of a disaster. That's why Alexander Jewish Family Service provides assistance and long-term recovery case management after a catastrophic event. We partner with other community groups who offer rescue and early-stage relief to provide longer-term assistance, working to navigate the details of your journey to stabilization and recovery.

We provide:
  • Direct assistance
  • Family case management
  • Access to public resources
  • Counseling
  • Help navigating relief benefits

Storm Recovery Resources

Alexander JFS provides a variety of recovery services and resources. If you need immediate home repair needs, please contact 3-1-1.
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Long Term Recovery

Disaster Preparedness

Preparedness in Harris County is not just for Hurricane Season. Avoid panic by stocking up on items over the entire year. It is safer, more efficient and less expensive than waiting until disaster strikes.

Housing & Financial Assistance

We provide the following resources:

  • Locate temporary or long-term housing and other immediate needs.
  • Donated and discounted furnishings to make their current living conditions more comfortable.
  • Access to available resources to help alleviate the financial impact of an event.

FEMA & Insurance

We assist with navigating applications and accessing insurance benefits.

After-Storm Clean Up

We connect clients with volunteers to help with packing and unpacking, cleaning, sorting through items, documenting losses and more.

Resources & News

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Stories of
"I want to thank Alexander Jewish Family Service for providing wonderful support after Harvey. We are so blessed. We lost a lot, but we are back on our feet and moving on, doing okay. Thank you so much for your help."
-Client, Disaster Case Management
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Complete the contact form to begin working with Case Management. Once we receive your submission, we will call you and schedule a phone appointment with you within 2 business days.

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