Direct Services for Seniors

We provide seniors and their families with the information and resources needed to function independently with age.

To help during a crisis or for long-term planning, Alexander Jewish Family Service staff conducts a thorough assessment of seniors and their available resources. Ongoing case management and support will be provided to individuals as needed. These direct services are meant to provide seniors with emotional, mental and physical support as well as a variety of information and resources.

We help you manage:
  • Independence and maintain autonomy
  • Aging in place
  • Information and referral
  • Holiday meal assistance
  • Budgeting

We Provide Help

Case Management

Case Managers help seniors and their family members identify the aspects of their lives that need improvement, especially as things change with aging. These can include:

  • Problem solving, coaching, resources
  • Learning about community and public resources
  • Holding family meetings with seniors and their adult children

Financial Stability

Alexander JFS financial case managers help seniors assess their monthly financial resources and explore resources and benefits.


When seniors face decisions related to aging at home or moving to a facility, Alexander JFS case managers provide general information and recommendations about local choices.

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Stories of
"Alexander JFS case managers are my superheroes. They make sure I have enough food and medicine so I won't have to choose between them. They give me what I need to stay in my home."
-Client, Senior Services
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It's OK to ask for help.

Alexander JFS offers an array of services and resources for our community. There's no need to feel embarrassed to ask for help. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or to register for services. Once we receive your submission, we will call you and schedule a phone appointment with you within 2 business days. Please note that due to the pandemic, some services are being delivered remotely.

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Together, we are stronger.

Thank you to our collaborating partners and sponsors for providing essential resources to make our work possible.

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