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Coaching and Financial Empowerment

Alexander Jewish Family Service is here to provide FREE financial coaching and wellness courses.

Our FREE financial coaching and wellness courses are meant for individuals who wish to work towards things like increasing income, building savings, budgeting and understanding credit. Please fill out the form below to get started!

Current and emerging needs in our community:
  • Empowering underpaid workers to make a livable wage
  • Improving the financial stability of participants through training, coaching, and better employment opportunities
  • Improve financial wellness and investment of financial goals

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What are the potential benefits for you?

If you choose to partake in the financial wellness program, you will be assigned a financial coach who will work with you to reach your goals for a minimum of 6 sessions. The program is flexible, and our coaches will work around your schedule. Coaching can be as little as 15-45 minutes every 1-2 weeks, based on your goals and interests. You will also have access to 6 virtual financial courses, provided by The Women’s Resource, covering a variety of topics live or on demand FOR FREE.  

The financial wellness program can help you to achieve your goals, such as: a new purchase, learning about how to budget, or saving extra money for groceries. Financial literacy classes focus on how to manage finances and increase credit scores, while focusing on building confidence in dealing with money.

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Financial Literacy Courses

Alexander JFS offers coaching and financial literacy courses for those who wish to improve their financial literacy skills.

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