The Coaching and Financial Empowerment Study

Eligible participants can enroll in a study conducted by the University of Notre Dame and participate in FREE financial coaching and courses from Alexander Jewish Family Service.

March 24, 2021
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The Coaching and Financial Empowerment Study

Eligible participants can enroll in a study conducted by the University of Notre Dame and participate in FREE financial coaching and courses from Alexander Jewish Family Service.

March 24, 2021

Alexander JFS has partnered with BubbieCare to provide FREE financial coaching and courses. The financial coaching and courses are being offered as part of a large study conducted by the University of Notre Dame.

If you choose to join the study, there will be a 50% chance of you working one on one with a financial coach to help you reach your goals.

Fill out the application to participate online; if you have questions or need help filling out the application, please call (713)-986-7859.

You can join one of our Enrollment Sessions on Tuesdays at 12pm or Thursdays at 12:00 PM and 4:30 PM: Passcode: LEO

Fill Out The Application &  Receive A $20 Walmart Gift Card

After you’ve filled out the Application and joined the study, the research team will send you a $20 Walmart gift card. The application will take 15-20 minutes to complete.

What are the potential benefits to me?

If you are chosen to be a part of the financial wellness program, you will be assigned a financial coach who will work with you to reach your goals for a minimum of 6 sessions.  You will also have access to 6 virtual financial courses covering a variety of topics over 6 months (1 course a month) FOR FREE.  The financial wellness program can help you to achieve your goals, such as: a new purchase, learning about how to budget, or saving extra money for groceries.  Financial literacy classes focus on how to manage finances and increase credit scores, while focusing on building confidence in dealing with money.

If you are not chosen to be a part of the financial education program, you will still be part of the study! You will receive the $20 gift card and have access to resources and other Alexander JFS programming. We will contact you in the future to participate in important surveys.

What do you have to do?

In order to participate, you will be sent a link to a short application with a consent form to review and sign. The survey should not take more than 15-20 minutes to complete. Complete this survey NOW and you will receive a $20 Walmart gift card from the research team.

Researchers will contact you in about 6 months to complete another very short follow-up survey.  The study will follow participants for up to 3 years.

What exactly are they studying?

This evaluation will help Alexander JFS and the research team at Notre Dame to understand how much people’s outcomes improve when they are a part of financial coaching and financial courses. The research will track the ways in which the financial coaching and classes affect the financial well-being and wellness of the participants.  The results of the study will be valuable to researchers, policymakers, employers, and non-profit organizations to design the best services possible.

How will my information be protected?

The research team has a lot of experience working with sensitive data, and your privacy and security are very important to them. They will only use your information for research purposes. Any research articles produced on the effects of the financial coaching and classes will only provide information on large groups, not individuals, so that no individual’s story is made public.

Does the financial program cost anything?

No! All services are provided by Alexander JFS to study participants free of charge. Alexander JFS estimates the value of this program exceeds $1,000.

Can I join the financial coaching/courses without joining the study?

Unfortunately, no. The program only has space for a limited number of people, and if you join the study, there is a 50-50 chance of being a part of the program.

Can I leave the study if I decide I no longer want to participate?

Joining the study is completely voluntary, and you can leave at any time. If you decide not to participate, or decide to leave the study later, there will be no penalty other than the fact that you will no longer be eligible for the financial coaching or online classes being offered.

Once enrolled, you may leave the study at any time by contacting

What information does Alexander JFS get?

If you choose to join the study, Alexander JFS will receive only your name and contact information. They will not receive any other personal information from the survey.

Will I be contacted again after I join?

If you join the study, someone from the Research Team will contact you at least once after your online classes are completed with a short survey. Only the Research Team will have access to any individuals’ survey responses.

For BubbieCare Caregivers: Does being a part of the study affect my Caregiver position?

If you are a BubbieCare caregiver, your BubbieCare membership will not be affected in any way by this study. BubbieCare will only be informed of your participation in the study, not your status in the program or any data collected throughout the study.

Fill Out the Application

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