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LGBTQ+ Support

Being a member of the LGBTQ+ community is a constant battle for many people—especially individuals who don't have support.

Alexander Jewish Family Service welcomes all racial, ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds and is a safe place for all gender expressions and sexual orientations. We offer a family of integrated services that support and transform the lives of individuals, families and communities by empowering them to strengthen skills, achieve goals and make decisions that will change the trajectory of their lives.

Alexander JFS provides:
  • A safe space to connect
  • An environment of understanding
  • Support Groups
  • Mental Health counseling

We are here to help.

Therapy and Support Grops

A safe space to connect

Our therapy and support groups offer an opportunity to share your thoughts with others and learn important coping skills. Group sessions are designed to provide a safe and supportive environment for participants to connect, learn, comfort support and socialize to promote our psychological health.

We want to empower individuals and offer tools that could help navigate your daily experiences. We understand that every circumstance is different, we hope, with peer support, individuals can reimagine their experience.

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Teen Counseling

High-quality therapy for age 13-18

Therapy can help teens learn and identify solutions to handle life's obstacles. We provide a variety of services including academic advocacy, psychoeducation, parten coaching, support and referrals.

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Touching the Heart

Providing messages of support and well-being

This unique text-messaging program povides messages of support and well-being for high school seniors through graduate school, as well as young professionals and parents. Every two weeks, participants receive messages that help them stay grounded, manage stress and navigate life challenges.

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"We want our children – and all children – to grow up in a community that embraces each child for who they are and helps them feel a sense of belonging in our community. We are proud that Alexander JFS is committed to create spaces in which all feel seen, valued and included."
Kevin & Sasha Alexander
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Pictured: Kevin & Sasha Alexander

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We are a Safe Zone

Alexander JFS Behavioral & Mental Health Services staff are Safe Zone trained professionals, skilled in creating a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals by understanding diverse aspects of sex, gender, and sexuality, promoting inclusivity, addressing personal biases and affirming our role as LGBTQ+ allies!
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We provide light, hope and help.

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