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Give In Memoriam

Gloria Ribnick, Director of Alexander JFS Marketing from 1998 – 2022
Donations in memory of Gloria Ribnick may be made on the form to the right; please select either the Linda L. Burger CEO Discretionary Endowment Fund or The Gloria Ribnick Marketing Internship.

Donations made in memory of someone are a mitzvah performed in their merit. These meaningful donations bring a measure of comfort to the family to know that their loved ones are remembered in a way that helps others.

The families who have designated Alexander JFS as a special beneficiary for donations made in their memory will receive acknowledgement of your donation. Learn about the life and legacy of Jerry Spencer, Russel Jay Simon, Lawrence "Mike" Cohen, Margaret Sasaki, Allen Becker, Maria Mitrani Leon, Rabbi Sue Levy, Gloria Ribnick, Sara Spiegelman, Harvey Stalarow, and Linda Rubenfeld.

To give in memory of Gloria Ribnick to the Linda L. Burger CEO Discretionary Endowment Fund or in memory of Maria Mitrani Leon or Allen Becker, please visit the Houston Jewish Family Foundation website.

Give in Honor

Many donors give tribute gifts, donations "in honor of" someone to mark a milestone. A tribute gift commemorates a variety of sentiments and occasions, including get-well wishes, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, or bar/bat mitzvahs.

For donations you wish to make in memory or honor of others, please specify to whom you would like us to send a notification of the donation.

To send a donation by mail, please make out the check to Alexander JFS, adding a note in the memo line that the donation is a  tribute gift. Mail to 4131 S. Braeswood Blvd, Houston, TX 77025.

Thank you for choosing Alexander JFS for your memorial or tribute gift. As a community, we can help their families feel not so alone.

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