How Do I Create a Legacy?

A legacy gift conveys a special message, whether to your family members or the community, that your personal actions to help others is one important value in your life.

A legacy endowment gift can be an expression of gratitude for a life experience, to honor or memorialize a loved one, or to make a positive impact on the community. It is a thoughtful, personal act. Your Legacy Gift will: 

  • Ensure that community members in need and crisis will always be able to turn to Alexander Jewish Family Service for support and guidance.
  • Provide a stable and ongoing source of dependable income that will care for the most vulnerable among us, no matter what happens during difficult periods in the economy. 
  • Assure a Jewish response to changing social and economic demands that challenge our community to create innovative programs and visionary solutions to meet the community’s needs
  • Ensure that Alexander JFS will be able to continue to exist.

We can share with you the established areas of focus, building blocks, that have been identified to ensure long term stability for Alexander JFS to be able to provide tangible resources and support for future generations.

Whether you choose to discuss your thoughts and plans with us or to speak directly to your advisor, establishing a legacy gift is straightforward and simple.

Common ways that legacy gifts are made:
  • A gift in a will
  • Designation of an IRA
  • Designation of an insurance policy
  • Establishing a fund in your lifetime
  • Tax advantage vehicles for giving philanthropy

Types of Legacy Gifts

A Gift in a Will

A percent of an estate or a specific amount is identified in the will, as a gift to the Houston Jewish Family Foundation, Tax I. 76-0240622. In addition, donors who put a gift in their will often begin the fund in their lifetime by donating 20% to 100% of the intended gift.

Designation of an IRA

Donors maximize their charitable donations when designating all or part of an IRA to the Houston Jewish Family Foundation. Your advisor can explain the high tax rates associated with an IRA passing to beneficiaries in an estate. Donors often begin their legacy fund designating their annual IRA distributions in their lifetime to HJFF.

Designation of an Insurance Policy

Just as designating a loved one for a portion of an insurance policy, designating a percentage of an insurance policy to HJFF is a simple way to create a legacy gift, as it requires merely listing the foundation as a beneficiary.

Establishing a Fund in Your Lifetime

Many donors decide to fully fund or begin funding their legacy gift in their lifetime. This allows the individual or couple to see the impact of their gift, to share their passion with family members and to continue to adjust and articulate their long-term intent.  

In addition, donors who put a gift in their will often begin the fund in their lifetime 20% to 100% of the intended gift.

Various Vehicles for Charitable Giving

Charitable Lead Trusts, Charitable Remainder Trusts and Donor Advised Funds are a few of the vehicles used for planful giving. Your advisor can guide you in your choices, or HJFF can connect you with the Houston Jewish Community Foundation which serves as an advisor to community members considering establishing charitable gifts for the community.

Common Questions about Legacy Gifts

Can I leave other assets to the foundation to establish an endowment?
If I establish a named fund, is there a minimum amount?
Should I let JFS or HJFF know of my intention, even if I want it to be private?
How will my legacy gift be recognized?
Is there a minimum amount to start an endowment fund at HJFF for the benefit of JFS?

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